Bangkok is a fantastic blend of modern and traditional, a city full of contrasts. There are busy streets, large shopping centers and peaceful temple areas next to each other. And you can go on many different ways. A fast-paced boat ride is followed by a narrow little tuktuk. The heat outdoors is followed by the ice cold on the skytrain and in the large department stores.

Water way
temple in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok

MBK, China Town and the weekend market in Chatuchack are places we went to in Bangkok. All three have their charm. The MBK is comfortable to visit on a hot day but it’s extremely large. On each floor there are so many similar stores that you don’t know where you are. On the weekend market in Chatuchack it can be very hot but they have a lot of different things to offer. We also visited China Town. If you want 50 pairs of identical baby shoes of the same size you want to shop here. It’s fun to walk around even if you don’t shop.

in china town


In Bangkok, there are plenty of temples and exciting things to experience. Since we had limited time, we were just visiting two temples; The Golden Buddha Temple (Wat Traimit) and Wat Saket (Golden Mount). In Wat Saket you really felt that everything was quiet compared to lively parts of Bangkok. There were some stairs to go up but it felt perfectly okay.

bells in temple
steps at the golden mountain
the golden buddha temple

We also visit Jim Thompson House and got a guided tour around the silk king’s house. It was lush and nice and you got an insight especially in his life.

And then we would move on…

Sometimes you can be happy that you’re not in a hurry. The queue to Skytrain was total chaos. We hoped to go with the third train at best. It felt like a miracle but we think they put in an extra train. At least we were with our domestic flight from Bangkok and Krabi.

queue to skytrain

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