The candles are shining ever stronger as the sky on the horizon is colored red. after a while we just see the light from the candles. We are half lying on a carpet on the beach and sipping our drinks. We are here and now in this wonderful moment.

sunset on the beach

Khlong khong

We like khlong khong beach. It is a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the beach is lined with cozy restaurants and bars. When we stayed there a few years ago it was quieter than this time, but it was high season now. We stayed at the Green Chilli in the bungalows right on the beach.

chill on the beach

We don’t usually spend so much time in the sun on the bech. We like to look around in the days. It’s easy to rent scooter on Ko Lanta. It’s harder to drive. It’s traffic on the left side and a little more traffic than you think on a small island. But you get into it quite quickly. We took some small trips. We went to Ko Lanta old Town. It is a small town on the eastern side of the island. Many of the houses are built on piles in the water.

You need to have food and drink stops. This is not a problem in Thailand. You can always get something to eat or drink

stuffed pineapple

Almost everywhere in Thailand there is jungle with waterfalls and caves. So it is on Ko Lanta as well. We drove from the coast and went on a jungle walk.

I like to snorkel and often it is clear water in southern Thailand. This time it had been bad weather and then the water became muddy. We booked an four islands tour and got several snorkel stops. It’s difficult to take good pictures under the water so I really admire photographers who succeed with it. It’s not easy to focus on a shy swimming fish.


We made a stop at Emerald Cave. I have wanted to go there a long time and looked forward to it very much. That’s probably why I didn’t think it was so amazing. It was of course fun to have been there and swim in the tunnel to get into the lagoon but I had expected something amazing.

on the way out from emerald cave

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