The evening is filled with light lamps that quietly lift off the beach and sail out over the sea. Celebrating New Year in Thailand is peaceful and party at the same time. We found a small bar by the beach. They served cheap drinks and we stayed there until midnight and the beach was filled with new year’s celebrities

lamp light in the sky

There’s a lot to do in Ao Nang. We rented paddle board and rolled several times in the water, played billiards and the brave went to the hairdresser and cut the hair. We enjoyed the massage as much as we could and took the day as it came. Good food can be found both in expensive restaurants and in small snack bars. Our best pad thai was street food near our hotel. We stayed at Aonang Sunset for the second time. We were very fond of their food and it was close to everything.


In Ao Nang it is very easy to make tours. You just go down to the beach and get a longtail boat to some nice beach or island. When a boat is full it runs away. The last time we were in Ao Nang, it all felt calmer. Now you had to wait a little longer before you could go. It is always warm and nice in Thailand but this time the weather was not so good. Unfortunately, it was not as beautiful as when the weather is nice

in a small boat in thailand

Railay beach

You have to take a boat to Railay beach as there are high cliffs that block the road. It is quick and easy to get there by boat. Since we had been there the last time we were in Ao Nang, we wanted to find something more to do. We took a path and arrived at cliffs with rock climbing. There was a cozy little cafe and a cave full of flying bats.

Hong Island

I like Hong island, the tour leader said. It’s a really nice tour and it’s so beautiful there. We sat together at a small plastic table and ate food from a tuktuk kitchen. Several years later we were finally going there. The weather was not so good but it was our last chance before we should go back to Sweden. We chose to take a tour with four stops. We shared a boat with a young couple from Brazil. The tour was nice and I’m sure it would have been great if it had been sunny and quiet.

Since the fish were extremely curious, we stared at each other’s eye in the muddy water.

We swam around a cliff a bit out in the water. The boat had life jackets that we borrowed when we swam out in unknown water. The cliffs were colorful and very beautiful.

We had a good time in Ao Nang but we are probably finished with it now. It had grown a little too much and we have experienced what we want. After a final night in Bangkok, it was time to return to the cold north.

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