If you take the skytrain to Siam Paragon it’s close to Ocean world. We bought a ticket that contained a lot of different activities. Among other things, we got to try fishing fish. In Ocean World there were lots of fish, sharks and even penguins. They had built a large tunnel of glass that you could walk in and see sharks over your head.

Ocean World

Grand Palace

In Bangkok one can really go in different ways. We took the skytrain down to Chao Praya. From there we took a river boat to the Grand Palace. Since three-quarter-length pants were not counted as comprehensive clothing, we had to rent long pants and a skirt at the entrance. The area was large and magnificent. I don’t know why but we missed the emerald buddha and unfortunately could not go back when we had discovered it.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a temple near the Grand Palace. In Wat Pho is the lying Buddha. When You approached, You heard a rhythmically sounding. It turned out to be small bowls in a long line. In the bowls people put small coins. Each coin gave a small sound. The lying buddhan was golden and very large. Inside the area were also the massage school. We booked and got a lovely massage.

China Town

We took a tuktuk from Wat Pho to China Town. This is a different area in Bangkok. We saw a lot of dried animals in cans in the storefronts and when we were supposed to eat supper we happened to buy chicken feet. It was not much more than skins and bones.

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