We were on our way to one of the seven new wonders. For once, we had booked a guided tour and that was good. From Playa del Carmen there was a full day tour into the country. The guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about Mexico, Mexico’s history, the Mayan people, the calendar and Chichen Itza throughout the day.

aloe vera plantage

The guide told us that the pyramid, El Castillo, is constructed after the calendar on top of a large underground cenote. Also a distance from each corner is a cenote. In the cenot, people were sacrificed. When you clapped your hands at the pyramid, it sounds like a bird’s song. Twice a year, a snake is formed by the shadow when the sun shone on one side of the pyramid.

worm head in stone
el castillo
cenote iguana

The area was very large and after the tour we had the opportunity to walk around on our own.

chichen itza

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