You should not dip your head under the water and you have to beware of getting water in your eyes. We dipped a finger in the water and tasted it while we watched when the young man dipped his head cheerfully because he tried to stand on his hands in water. It was terrible salt.

salt on the rock

We booked a taxi with another couple and left Aqaba at 8am. We wanted to bathe in the dead sea and go to the hot springs that were a bit further away. We stopped on the road and looked at the cliffs by the sea. The salty water formed salt crystals that stuck to the rocks at the water’s edge.

We floated around in the water like corks. It was difficult to keep the legs under the water when swimming. The salty water made you lei on the water not in the water. It was cool. When we had bathed enough we went up and dried in the sun. The salty water formed salt crystals on our skin.

salt on the shoulder

When we had eaten our lunch bag and showered ourselves in ice-cold water, we went on to the hot springs. The water in the waterfall was about 40 degrees. It was like standing in a hot natural shower. It was lovely. There was even a cave that was hot like a sauna. The stones there were emerald green. in a natural pool a bit away, the water was about 50 degrees. There you couldn’t jump in without having warmed up before. It was really hot when you carefully put your feet down. Gradually the body could manage to sit in the pool for a while. Then you were really warmed up and had to go up to cool off. We were back again in Aqaba late at night and felt incredibly happy.

Snorkeling in Aqaba

If you want to snorkel in the Red Sea, take a taxi to South beach. There is fantastic snorkel water directly from the beach. I recommend that you wear snorkeling wet shoes before entering the water. There are corals directly in the water. It is like a large aquarium and the water is crystal clear.

a lot of fish

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