With this view I do not mind babysitting. With something good to drink and a balcony with great view, we chose to stay in the apartment when the little boy were going to sleep.

view over Dubrovnik

We wanted to go to Dubrovnik because we had heard that it would be so beautiful and because some of us had looked a lot at the Games of Thrones. We had heard that the trip from Makarska to Dubrovnik was very nice but that it would take a long time. With a small 3-year-old in the family, we chose to stay one night in Dubrovnik before we would go back. That was a good choice. We had more time in Dubrovnik and we also had a fantastic view where we lived. The only downside was that it was very difficult to park our minibus.

We knew we had to adapt to our little guy and it went very well. With 5 adults and only one child there was always someone’s shoulders to ride on or someone to play with. When we were up on the wall it also went well. Two of us were a little scared but the little guy was tough.

we had clear and nice weather and everything became even more beautiful

On the way back to Makarska we stopped at a viewpoint. They sold lots of fruits and vegetables in the middle of nowhere. But they had very nice views from there little shop.

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