Are you going to Petra? We can try to get a good price on a taxi that we can share. We decided to visit one of the new seven wonders, Petra, with a young Swedish couple. In Jordan, it’s easy to connect with others who want to share a taxi to any attraction or activity. The taxi drivers act as guides or wait outside until you are ready for the return.


Port of Petra

You have to walk a bit before entering the area. If you think it seems hard to walk, there is transport to get. You start walking on open ground. Then you go further and further down while the cliffs rise beside the road. It gets darker and darker until it suddenly opens up and you see the famous gateway to Petra.

Petra is a gigantic area with an old town cut in the rock. There are openings everywhere in the huge rocks and there is an amphitheater in the area. The mountains change in color depending on how the sun rays. Sometimes it looks almost pink and the town is also called the Rose City. Many blocks have a fantastic patterns.

a gate in the rock

In the area there is a monastery. We took a quick walk up the stairs for about 30 minutes to visit the monastery. It was a man who stood on the tower and tied his shawl. It looked crazy.

a man on top of a tower
Man on the top

Exploring the area takes a long time because the area is so large. We were there one day and did see a bit. There are others who choose to stay for several days. We had a great day and felt very pleased.

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