This is the finest accommodation we have had. We rented a whole house in Makarska. The house had balconies on three sides of the house and also a patio under roof. A separate fresh pool was located on the back. It was perfect for us, 6 adults one small 3 year old boy.

view from the house
The pool and the boy


Klis is located with great views of Split. Some scenes in the Games of Thrones were recorded in the fine ruins. Since we had plenty of time, we stopped at Klis on the way from Slits Airport to Makarska. We filled our energy levels before we went to the fort. With a small 3-year-old little boy, it is important to keep the blood sugar on a good level.

The weather was windy and a little cold but we were lucky to have jackets. It was exciting to walk around and it worked very well with our little 3 year old boy.

Makarska is beautifully situated between rocks and sea. There is a nice little square. It is easy to stroll along the promenade. We also went down to a small beach where we could snorkel by the cliffs. We saw little fish and even took a little ride with a yellow submarine. You could see the fishes under the water through the glass panes.

Two of us walked in the mountains. They had clear weather and got very nice views of Makarska. We thought it was good to stroll along the nice promenade and visit a large playground. We did some shopping on a small market as well.

Gyllintours in Makarska

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