I’m not a baduin, i’m a gooduin! No, women no cry, no sugar no chai. Our guide in the desert was an entertaining bedouin. He took care of us and joked with us the hole afternoon and evening.

walking over a natural bridge

Wadi rum

The cliffs shifted in all shades of pink, orange and brown. We went around in the desert in a jeep. I thought it would be was hot in the desert but here it was cold and luckily we had taken on thick sweaters and windproof jackets. We got to see colorful sand dunes, high mountains, ravines and rock carvings.

In the desert there was a rock bridge that nature had created. You could go over it, but I was quite happy to photograph the others. When the dusk was on the way, our guide lit a bonfire that we could warm ourselves as we watched the sunset.

After sunset we went to the camp to eat. They had dug a pit in the sand. In the pit they had cooked food on a stand. We ate at a fire inside a tent. When darkness had fallen it became colder and we sat closer to the fire, ate food and drank chai.

food cooked in a pit
fire in beduin tent
camel kiss

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