I would like to have this apartment but I would like it at home. The surprise gift went well. The apartment had two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and TWO toilets. We booked it through Booking.com. It was a charming apartment with parquet flooring and so high in the ceiling that you looked really small when standing in the living room. In the evenings you could lie down on the sofa and rest your tired legs with a good wine in your hand.

Matteus Church

A walk over the chain bridge and a quick climb up the stairs made you feel warm even though the weather was quite chilly. I had misunderstood where to get the tickets so we got a little lack of time. However, it was not a problem as we were the only one in the guided tour. We got a thorough review of how to control the segway and an individual drive before we got into the streets with the guide in the lead. This was a fun way to experience the city. We have been here a few times before so we wanted to do something new. Buda felt like a good place to drive segway. There were various stops and the traffic was minimal. The guide adapted to us and we felt safe with her.

on segway

Chocolate museum

I found this activity through Tripadvisor. I’d probably never found it otherwise. The homepage was in Hungarian. It felt like the taxi ran infinitely before it stopped in the middle of a residential area. I had booked a guided tour in English. We got to taste both hot and cold chocolate, watch movies and make our own chocolate cake. In the basement we tasted some traditional liquor, Palinka, too.

Food and drinks

The food in Budapest is abundant and robust. We pass a food market and of course the market hall. I always buy paprika powder and paprika on the tube to take home. The sausages are nice too. Nice pastries can be found in many cafes and some warm wine to drink in the cold.


You have to take your swimwear with you and go to a bathhouse when you are in Budapest. We visited two during this trip. We visit the Lukacs bath for the first time. It was an outdoor swimming pool and various indoor pools. Our favorite bathhouse is beautiful Széchenyi. The hot water makes a thick fog over the whole area when the air is cold. When you get used to the heat in the skin, a nice heat spreads all the way into the marrow. Here you can spend many hours in a many pools with varying temperatures and scents.


In the castle area there are dark and long underground passages. We went down and send some time there. Sometimes you felt a little lost and suddenly the darkness lighted up and the opera music sounded around you.

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