If you come to Isla Mujeres you have to get out on the pier. We gather there every night to watch the sunset and drink some beer. The man on the plane had recently met a woman and was crazy in love. He was on his way back to Mexico even though it was only a few weeks since he was there last time. And we kept our promise …

marina in Isla Mujeres

beach on Isla Mujeres

We went with collectivo, taxi and a ferry from Playa del Carmen to Isla Mujeres. We did’t want to go back the same day so we booked two nights on the island. We booked our accommodation on the island via Booking.com


The island was extremely beautiful. The colors were amazing even though the sun did not shine when we arrived. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed. We strolled around, sat down in some nice place, ate and drank well and much.

a wawe on the beach

Like many others, we rented a golf cart to explore the island. We took plenty of time and spent the day driving around the whole island. We stopped and took a drink at the southern tip and looked out at the sculptures by the sea. We also took a geocache. Geocaches are usually found in nice places so it can be fun to find someone when you are abroad.

golf cart

On the western side of the island, along a narrow tongue of land, lay a small island. It was an artificial island made of PET bottles. It would have been nice to look a little closer but we just peered from the road.

a sign saying floating bottle island
the floating bottle island

The pelicans gathered on the quay hoping to get fish cleaning from today’s catch. We took a six-pack beer with us and went out on the pier to surprise the man in love. He was there, just as he said. He seemed very surprised and very happy. We had the privilege of meeting his great love. It may be the island of love, Isla Mujeres.


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