We stayed in Playa del Carmen in a beachfront apartment. It suited us well and there were plenty of things to do in the area. It was quiet were we lived. In the center it could be crowded sometimes. We walked around a lot in Playa del Carmen and stayed at the beach sometimes. Most of the time we went on tours.

Rio Secreto

a palm at the entrance

We left everything except the swimwear. We had to shower carefully before we got dressed in wetsuit, bathing shoes, life jacket and a helmet with lamp. Camera was excluded, unfortunately. After a short walk through the jungle we came to the opening which took us into the cave. It was a wonderful experience, perhaps the best we did in Mexico. We waded and swam or floated with the stream in the underground river. Everywhere there were stalagmites and stalactites. We often floated on our backs so we could look at all the beautiful formations. The entire Rio Secreto was about 35 km long and we followed the stream for about 1 km.

information about Rio secreto

Cenote Cristalino

We packed our snorkels and took a collectivo to a cenote in the morning. It was a small oasis with crystal clear fresh water. When you put your feet down in the water, it came a lot of small fish. It was like a natural fish spa. If I stood still and fixed my snorkel equipment, the fish tickled me a in my waist so you have to move if you didn’t want to laugh a little hysterically.

cenote cristalino

We swam in the clear water and looked at the amazing world that is under the water


I expected to see turtles when I came to Akumal. Everyone told me that they saw them everywhere. I swam and swam but saw nothing exciting and was heading towards the beach again when it appeared just below my feet. No turtle but something else ….

Akumal beach
white sand and blue sky

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