We had brilliant weather when we arrived at Tulum. Fortunately, there were plenty of palm trees and other things that shaded. The whole area was well signposted and we were lucky to have all the information we received from the guide when we were in Chichen Itza. The citizen were iguanas. They were all over the ruins. You could get quite close to them.


There was a barred beach. That was the turtle’s beach. We didn’t see any turtles but maybe it wasn’t a season for it. There were several beaches too. Outside the area there was a beach with fantastic sand.

beach for turtles
drink on the beach

We sat down before we went back to Playa del Carmen. There were acrobats who lashed down from a high pole hanging up and down. It looked like a huge swing. We had seen it once before but this time we had the opportunity to see it from the beginning. The men shot around so that the ropes were twisted up along the bar. Then they started spinning out the ropes until they stood on the ground again.

hanging man

Trainer for a day

Dolphins are amazing animals. I found a dolphinarium that had a good reputation and booked Trainer for a day. The whole day was on the dolphins’ terms and they thought it was fun. A young dolphin bushed around a lot and then we immediately got back out of the water so that everything was safe for both people and animals. They used shaping as a method for dolphins to learn different characters. Shaping is a common method even when working with positive reinforcement for dogs. Before we even got close to the dolphins we had to learn a lot about dolphins. I’m so glad that I chose to be a dolphin trainer for a day. It was a wonderful experience.

Gyllintours with a dolphin

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