It’s so close to Thailand, Mom. Can’t we go there? It looks so cool. And so we desided. We canceled our nights in Bangkok and took a flight to Siem Reap.

Ankor Tom

We booked accommodation for three nights in Siem Reap. Perfekt to spend two days in Ankor. We also got some time to look around in town and get some lovely foot massage. We booked a tuktuk that picked us up in the morning outside the hotel.

The man in our tuktuk drove the route we had decided together. He adapted to the length of time we needed at each stop. The area was huge. We went around with tuktuk for two days but we were far from in the whole area

temple in Ankor

In many places there were stone faces. In Bayon there were stone faces in all directions. In another place, a small face appeared in the middle of a tree root.

stone figure in ruin
face in a tree

One of the coolest places was Ta Prom. It was very clear that the trees had taken over the ruins. We found fantastic roots elsewhere, but Ta Prom was probably the best known.

roots on ruin

The tour we went on the second day felt much calmer than the first day. At some stop we were the only ones walking around. In a temple, a girl sat and read a book. It looked very restful.

restful in Ankor

There were lakes in the area. The water was quite still which gave beautiful mirror images in the water surface. One lake had green water.

lake in Ankor
sea in Ankor
photografer at green water

The colors in the area were diverse. In some places the ruins were brown or gray. On others it was more pink or orange colors. The contrast to the intensely green nature was fine. It was a very nice experience to visit Ankor and I am very happy that I was persuaded to go there.

stump and ruin

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