We taste their good wines in their lovely yard. To the wine we got salami and three different kinds of cheeses. The daughter in the house told us about the farm and their wines. Coffele were passionate about their work with the vineyard. They were about to become an organic farm. The requirements were tough and it was required that you had grown organically for a few years. We had a very good time at Coffele. It is often the best experience and wine tasting if you book in advance.

Winehouse Coffele
garden in Soave

We went from Venice in the morning. On the way to Soave we stopped at a small food market and bought cheese and strawberries. Our hostess in Vendig told us that we absolutely should visit Padova. So we took a little lunch stop there before we drove on to Soave.


Soave was a nice little village. It was surrounded by a wall and almost wherever you went you saw the castle which was at a height. We stayed just outside the wall and there it was easy to park. Even from the parking lot and Coffele’s garden we saw the height with the castle.

I had booked accommodation on top of a restaurant. The name was Lo Scudo. In the evening we booked tables there. It was very nice but also the most expensive we ate on the whole trip.

The day after we went to Florence.


Summery of trip to northern Italy

Flights to and from Treviso, one night in Venedig, one night in Soave
one night in Verona, one night in Malcesine, two nights in Negrar and
one night in Treviso.

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