There were a lot of people in the streets of Verona. Probably because it was a holiday. It was a hot and sunny day. The children played in the fountain in the square.

child in fountain

We whanted to see the arena. There were also a lot of people. We didn’t really understand what happened and whether to pay or not. We slipped in anyway and sat down on a bench. The arena was full of people and we sat for a while and listened to someone who, for us, kept an incomprehensible speech. It was warm and nice and we sat for a while and looked at everything.

arena in Verona

We walked around in Verona. We looked at a statue of Dante Aligierhi and wondered if it was his wine that we would taste in Valpoliciella the day after tomorrow. We also passed Julia’s balcony. Perhaps it was Romeo himself who was waiting for Julia below.

statue of Dante
The balcony of Juliette

After a good breakfast, made with much love by our hostess at the B&B Quo Vadis Arena, we visited the tomb of Juliette. Then we continued our journey towards Lake Garda.

The rating for the accommodation is shown below. It is a link if you want to read more about it.
the tomb of Juliette

Summery of trip to northern Italy

Flights to and from Treviso, one night in Venedig, one night in Soave
one night in Verona, one night in Malcesine, two nights in Negrar and
one night in Treviso.

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