Otherwise we have a special drink here. It contains mandarin juice and some other juices. Then you choose how much rum you want to pour into your drink. What do you say? Would you rather have our special drink or do you still want beer? asked the man behind the bar counter in the cave bar. We take both…….

special drink
gyllintours pours up rum

Vinales valley

We checked in at Casa Yrkenia y Lila in the afternoon. We wanted to use all the time we had in Vinales so we got help booking an tour to tobacco plantation the same day. A taxidriver drow us to the entrance. A tanned man with a leather hat met us. He took us to the horses we were going to ride on.

man with a leather hat
man who makes our hourses ready

I was the one who absolutely wanted to ride horses instead of walking in the warm afternoon heat. The others were more doubtful. They thought it was okay because they said the horses were semi-automatic. The other looked very safe in the saddle when they rode in front of me. I was scared and was sure I would fall off, at least the first bit.

Gyllintours ride in vinales
Gyllintours ride in Vinales

It was incredibly beautiful throughout the ride and when I relaxed I could enjoy the tour. When we stepped off the horses we stumbled down to a lake. We sat down and splashed our feet in the water and got some natural fish spa. We ordered each beer and just enjoyed life.

lake in Vinales
lake in Vinlaes
resting by the lake

After our little break we met another man. He showed us around and told a lot about the coffee and tobacco crops in the valley. He taught us how to dry and ferment tobacco. We also look at how to roll a cigar. We were deeply concentrated as he taught to smoke cigar and drink rum.

a man who rolls a cigar
Gyllintours smokes cigar and drinks rum


We went with Finnair from Copenhagen to Havana. We stayed 3 nights in Havanna (Havana 1, Havanna 2) 2 nights in Vinales (Vinales 1, Vinales 2), 1 night in Cienfuegos, 3 nights in Trinidad, 3 nights at Cayo Santa Maria and 2 nights in Varadero. When we were going from one accommodation to another we went by taxi colectivo. We booked the cars through our accommodations the day before we were going. If we were going on the trip today we would have stayed more nights in Vinales and skipped to go to Varadero.

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