Deeply focused I stood and tried to get the whole statue into the picture. I wanted some of the beautiful background too. After half an eternity, I was satisfied, took a picture and began to move past the statue. Totally terrified, I screamed loudly. The statue had begun to walk towards me with the hand stretched out. I was not prepared for this.

living statue

We were in the Viñales Valley and had stopped at a nice viewpoint near the Horizontes Los Jazmines hotel. When I had calmed down after the living statue I could enjoy the amazing view. On the way back to the car there was a bull who stand saddled at a park bench. I wonder who was brave enought to ride on it.

view over vinales valley
bull with sadle

We also visited Indian Cave. A bit into the cave there was a boat. When it was our turn we went for a trip. The man who steered the boat pointed with a laser pointer on different formations and told us about the cave.

outside the cave

Another stop was at a huge rock painting, Mural of prehistory. According to Wikipedia, it is 120 meters high and 160 meters long. When we were there we met some of the few Swedish people we met on the trip. It was a choir from Lund on tour in Cuba. Unfortunately, we missed their concerts.

painted cliff

We had lunch at a restaurant with a fantastic view, the Balcon del Valle. The food was good and not more expensive than anywhere else. Our waitress asked if we wanted a panorama when we were eating. She was a pro a it. She had to do that for almost all food guests daily.

Balecon del valle
restaurant with beautiful view
Vinales valley

Everywhere in Cuba you see animals. People live with many animals in their vicinity. They take the horse when they are going somewhere and everywhere there are spattering hens and crowing cocks. In the neighbors garden went a loose pig.

riding man with his dog
horse and carriage
pig and hen

In Viñales we stayed at Casa Yurkenia y Lila. We were very pleased with this accommodation. They were very welcoming and we felt like at home. They helped us book good trips and we could eat both breakfast and dinner there if we wanted.

Casa in Vinales

We booked our accommodation in Cuba via It worked very well


We went with Finnair from Copenhagen to Havana. We stayed 3 nights in Havana (Havana 1, Havana 2) 2 nights in Vinales (Vinales 1, Vinales 2), 1 night in Cienfuegos, 3 nights in Trinidad, 3 nights at Cayo Santa Maria and 2 nights in Varadero. When we were going from one accommodation to another we went by taxi colectivo. We booked the cars through our accommodations the day before we were going. If we were going on the trip today we would have stayed more nights in Vinales and skipped to go to Varadero.

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