vintagebil i Havanna


The metal gate was opened with a bang. On the bar counter, the glasses were in a row, prepared with mint leavs. It was 10 am and we were first of all. Dos mojitos, por favor! The bartender unscrewed the cap on the bottle and sprinkled nonchalantly the first splash in the air. He began …

ampel vid ett gathörn


There were a lot of people in the streets of Verona. Probably because it was a holiday. It was a hot and sunny day. The children played in the fountain in the square. We whanted to see the arena. There were also a lot of people. We didn’t really understand what happened and whether to …

Soave med borgen i bakgrunden


We taste their good wines in their lovely yard. To the wine we got salami and three different kinds of cheeses. The daughter in the house told us about the farm and their wines. Coffele were passionate about their work with the vineyard. They were about to become an organic farm. The requirements were tough …



The evening air was wonderfully warm and filled with flower fragrance. Everywhere, early summer flowers, chestnut and elder flowers bloomed. We chose to stay outside Venice in a house near the train. It was a nice old house with a blooming garden. The cozy lady in the house gave us all the information we needed. …

Ankor Wat


It’s so close to Thailand, Mom. Can’t we go there? It looks so cool. And so we desided. We canceled our nights in Bangkok and took a flight to Siem Reap. We booked accommodation for three nights in Siem Reap. Perfekt to spend two days in Ankor. We also got some time to look around …