+ utsikt över Dubrovnik


With this view I do not mind babysitting. With something good to drink and a balcony with great view, we chose to stay in the apartment when the little boy were going to sleep.

view over Dubrovnik

We wanted to go to Dubrovnik because we had heard that it would be so beautiful and because some of us had looked a lot at the Games of Thrones. We had heard that the trip from Makarska to Dubrovnik was very nice but that it would take a long time. With a small 3-year-old in the family, we chose to stay one night in Dubrovnik before we would go back. That was a good choice. We had more time in Dubrovnik and we also had a fantastic view where we lived. The only downside was that it was very difficult to park our minibus.

We knew we had to adapt to our little guy and it went very well. With 5 adults and only one child there was always someone’s shoulders to ride on or someone to play with. When we were up on the wall it also went well. Two of us were a little scared but the little guy was tough.

we had clear and nice weather and everything became even more beautiful

On the way back to Makarska we stopped at a viewpoint. They sold lots of fruits and vegetables in the middle of nowhere. But they had very nice views from there little shop.

+ Bangkok utanför fönstret


If you take the skytrain to Siam Paragon it’s close to Ocean world. We bought a ticket that contained a lot of different activities. Among other things, we got to try fishing fish. In Ocean World there were lots of fish, sharks and even penguins. They had built a large tunnel of glass that you could walk in and see sharks over your head.

Ocean World

Grand Palace

In Bangkok one can really go in different ways. We took the skytrain down to Chao Praya. From there we took a river boat to the Grand Palace. Since three-quarter-length pants were not counted as comprehensive clothing, we had to rent long pants and a skirt at the entrance. The area was large and magnificent. I don’t know why but we missed the emerald buddha and unfortunately could not go back when we had discovered it.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a temple near the Grand Palace. In Wat Pho is the lying Buddha. When You approached, You heard a rhythmically sounding. It turned out to be small bowls in a long line. In the bowls people put small coins. Each coin gave a small sound. The lying buddhan was golden and very large. Inside the area were also the massage school. We booked and got a lovely massage.

China Town

We took a tuktuk from Wat Pho to China Town. This is a different area in Bangkok. We saw a lot of dried animals in cans in the storefronts and when we were supposed to eat supper we happened to buy chicken feet. It was not much more than skins and bones.

+ beach

Ao Nang

The evening is filled with light lamps that quietly lift off the beach and sail out over the sea. Celebrating New Year in Thailand is peaceful and party at the same time. We found a small bar by the beach. They served cheap drinks and we stayed there until midnight and the beach was filled with new year’s celebrities

lamp light in the sky

There’s a lot to do in Ao Nang. We rented paddle board and rolled several times in the water, played billiards and the brave went to the hairdresser and cut the hair. We enjoyed the massage as much as we could and took the day as it came. Good food can be found both in expensive restaurants and in small snack bars. Our best pad thai was street food near our hotel. We stayed at Aonang Sunset for the second time. We were very fond of their food and it was close to everything.


In Ao Nang it is very easy to make tours. You just go down to the beach and get a longtail boat to some nice beach or island. When a boat is full it runs away. The last time we were in Ao Nang, it all felt calmer. Now you had to wait a little longer before you could go. It is always warm and nice in Thailand but this time the weather was not so good. Unfortunately, it was not as beautiful as when the weather is nice

in a small boat in thailand

Railay beach

You have to take a boat to Railay beach as there are high cliffs that block the road. It is quick and easy to get there by boat. Since we had been there the last time we were in Ao Nang, we wanted to find something more to do. We took a path and arrived at cliffs with rock climbing. There was a cozy little cafe and a cave full of flying bats.

Hong Island

I like Hong island, the tour leader said. It’s a really nice tour and it’s so beautiful there. We sat together at a small plastic table and ate food from a tuktuk kitchen. Several years later we were finally going there. The weather was not so good but it was our last chance before we should go back to Sweden. We chose to take a tour with four stops. We shared a boat with a young couple from Brazil. The tour was nice and I’m sure it would have been great if it had been sunny and quiet.

Since the fish were extremely curious, we stared at each other’s eye in the muddy water.

We swam around a cliff a bit out in the water. The boat had life jackets that we borrowed when we swam out in unknown water. The cliffs were colorful and very beautiful.

We had a good time in Ao Nang but we are probably finished with it now. It had grown a little too much and we have experienced what we want. After a final night in Bangkok, it was time to return to the cold north.

+ Solnedgång på Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta

The candles are shining ever stronger as the sky on the horizon is colored red. after a while we just see the light from the candles. We are half lying on a carpet on the beach and sipping our drinks. We are here and now in this wonderful moment.

sunset on the beach

Khlong khong

We like khlong khong beach. It is a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the beach is lined with cozy restaurants and bars. When we stayed there a few years ago it was quieter than this time, but it was high season now. We stayed at the Green Chilli in the bungalows right on the beach.

chill on the beach

We don’t usually spend so much time in the sun on the bech. We like to look around in the days. It’s easy to rent scooter on Ko Lanta. It’s harder to drive. It’s traffic on the left side and a little more traffic than you think on a small island. But you get into it quite quickly. We took some small trips. We went to Ko Lanta old Town. It is a small town on the eastern side of the island. Many of the houses are built on piles in the water.

You need to have food and drink stops. This is not a problem in Thailand. You can always get something to eat or drink

stuffed pineapple

Almost everywhere in Thailand there is jungle with waterfalls and caves. So it is on Ko Lanta as well. We drove from the coast and went on a jungle walk.

I like to snorkel and often it is clear water in southern Thailand. This time it had been bad weather and then the water became muddy. We booked an four islands tour and got several snorkel stops. It’s difficult to take good pictures under the water so I really admire photographers who succeed with it. It’s not easy to focus on a shy swimming fish.


We made a stop at Emerald Cave. I have wanted to go there a long time and looked forward to it very much. That’s probably why I didn’t think it was so amazing. It was of course fun to have been there and swim in the tunnel to get into the lagoon but I had expected something amazing.

on the way out from emerald cave
+ lumphini park


Bangkok is a fantastic blend of modern and traditional, a city full of contrasts. There are busy streets, large shopping centers and peaceful temple areas next to each other. And you can go on many different ways. A fast-paced boat ride is followed by a narrow little tuktuk. The heat outdoors is followed by the ice cold on the skytrain and in the large department stores.

Water way
temple in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok

MBK, China Town and the weekend market in Chatuchack are places we went to in Bangkok. All three have their charm. The MBK is comfortable to visit on a hot day but it’s extremely large. On each floor there are so many similar stores that you don’t know where you are. On the weekend market in Chatuchack it can be very hot but they have a lot of different things to offer. We also visited China Town. If you want 50 pairs of identical baby shoes of the same size you want to shop here. It’s fun to walk around even if you don’t shop.

in china town


In Bangkok, there are plenty of temples and exciting things to experience. Since we had limited time, we were just visiting two temples; The Golden Buddha Temple (Wat Traimit) and Wat Saket (Golden Mount). In Wat Saket you really felt that everything was quiet compared to lively parts of Bangkok. There were some stairs to go up but it felt perfectly okay.

bells in temple
steps at the golden mountain
the golden buddha temple

We also visit Jim Thompson House and got a guided tour around the silk king’s house. It was lush and nice and you got an insight especially in his life.

And then we would move on…

Sometimes you can be happy that you’re not in a hurry. The queue to Skytrain was total chaos. We hoped to go with the third train at best. It felt like a miracle but we think they put in an extra train. At least we were with our domestic flight from Bangkok and Krabi.

queue to skytrain
+ Båt på Dourofloden, Gyllintours


We had checked in at our accommodation TPC-Dalliance Apts and everything was closed. We asked a friendly police officer on the street if he knew where to buy water. One of us followed him to the police office. We stood outside wondering what he was doing. Than a happy man came out with four small bottles of water in his arms. you don’t buy water from the police every day .

man at the police office


Ruby, Tawny and Pink, I didn’t know much about port wine before I came to Porto. Now I can imagine the pleasant sweetness in my mouth when I think back to Porto, not too sweet but just soft and round. There is a lot of wine bars in Porto. There are plenty of cafes and some shops too. You can’t miss port wine. A small cake and a drinking glass of port wine in the morning is nothing I usually take home. At the wine bars and cafés, they are masters of combining pastry or chocolate with port wine. If you want to visit a wine cellar, you can go to the other side of the Douro River. There are all the great wine cellars in a row along the promenade.

chocolate och port wine
cafe and douro river
Nata and port

You can do a day trip to the Douro Valley, where conditions are perfect for growing grapes for wine. I booked a tour with visits to severel vineyard. I booked it on Tripadvisor. Wine is really a craft and the owners are often passionated. As a visitor, you are guided into the entire wine process, from grapes to finished wine. You are surprised at how different wines smell and taste. I love to walk between the giant wine barrels and feel the very special scent of fermented grapes. The entire Douro valley is full of soft hills lined with vines and through the valley flows the Douro River. We enjoyed the wonderful view.

douro vally
wine from the barrique
wine tasting in douro vally

UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Porto is a nice ctown with several grand old buildings. Palacio da Bolsa, unfortunately was fully booked because there were very few guided tours in English. We visited at least the Gold Church and the catacombs that were next door. It is a very hilly city so there are plenty of nice viewing places and many restaurants and cafes have nice outdoor seating with views down to the Douro River. There are areas that are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and also an old bookstore, Livraria Lello. There was a long queue to the bookstore every time we passed. We felt satisfied with most strolling around in the town, enjoying outdoor cafés and watching all the beautiful houses with their tiled facades.

view over Porto
beautyful room
view over Porto
+ Akropolis



This is the best time of the year to visit Athens, our taxi driver said. The weather is nice and not so much tourists. That sounds good because I thought it could be too cold in early November.

We stayed in the apartment called Athens near Acropolis. It was a nice apartment in the area of Koukaki. We found the apartment on Booking.com. Nearby we hade everything we needed. It was walking distance to everything and we had cozy restaurants, bars, supermarkets and bakery close by. We had been able to take both metro and buses but chose to walk to everything we visited

uteserveringar i Koukaki

Ancient Greece

From Koukaki you can walk up the Filopappou hill. We came the wrong way and strolled us along small paths and guessed which direction we should go. I had read before that you should go up there in the morning or in the evening when it’s not so hot. It was probably wise, I thought, when the sweat ran into the forehead. There were plenty of ruins, some angry dogs and beautiful views on the road and we also got exercise so I do not understand why the others complained. At the top, we saw a small turtle and admired the Parthenon. The thought of going down and then going up to the Acropolis cliff did not feel so appealing at that time. The road down the hill was both quick and well signposted and we took a quick stop at Socrates prison as well.

sköldpadda foto gyllintours

We took a stop at a cafe with views up to the Acropolis cliff. After that it felt quite right to walk up to Parthenon. This was a much larger tourist destination. There were sales outside and the number of visitors significantly more. From the Acropolis we could see the other sights and decided that we not have to visit everyone. You should always save something so that you can travel back again.

amfiteater foto gyllintours

The Acropolis Museum is down in Athens nowadays. If you think it is uncomfortable to walk on a transparent floor you should walk along the walls. I think it’s a little bit scary so i preferred the wall. On the floors further up, there were a lot of beautiful.

We went to the Agora and Attalos stoa the day after. From Agoran we could look at Partenon from another perspective.

Pathenon foto gyllintours

Food and drinks

An important part of life is eating and when you are in other countries it is exciting to try local dishes. I booked the Athens Small-Group Food Tour on TripAdvisor and even though we have been to Greece many times before, much of what we got to taste was news for us. The guide was very committed and we got to taste a lot of different things. We appreciated the second half of the tour most because the first half contained a lot of sweets while the other half included food like meze, ham, herbs and gyros

Museum of Illusions

Last day we wanted to do something before it was time to go to the airport. The museum of illusions seemed to be fun so we went there. There were a lot of children so the noice level was high inside the museum. It was perhaps not as big as I had expected but it contained a lot of fun things to do and we were very pleased that we had chosen to go there.