We are looking forward to 2019. We have booked a trip to France’s champagne district and a long weekend on Gotland in Sweden. We have also planned a trip to South America.

Champagne district

We have booked a long weekend to Paris and then take the train to Épernay. In Épernay we have booked an apartment with breakfast. It’s called La Petalerie.


In Épernay we have so far only booked a guided tour with champagne tasting. We will book about 1-2 visits to vineyards per day. We have planned to rent bicycles and cycle to wineries in nearby areas. We intend to make some spontaneous visits and also stroll along Avenue de Champagne in Épernay.


We have booked a long weekend on Gotland. We will take the car on the ferry and drive around the island. We have booked accommodation in Visby. Of course we will visit one of the Swedish wonders, Visby ring wall

South America

I have a goal to visit all the seven new wonders. On this trip, I intended to visit two of them, Machu Piccu in Peru and Cristo Redentor in Brazil. We will also do a lot of other exciting things.

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