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Gyllintours i öknen Wadi rum

Wadi rum

I’m not a baduin, i’m a gooduin! No, women no cry, no sugar no chai. Our guide in the desert was an entertaining bedouin. He took care of us and joked with us the hole afternoon and evening. Wadi rum The cliffs shifted in all shades of pink, orange and brown. We went around in …

Döda havet

Dead sea

You should not dip your head under the water and you have to beware of getting water in your eyes. We dipped a finger in the water and tasted it while we watched when the young man dipped his head cheerfully because he tried to stand on his hands in water. It was terrible salt. …

klippstaden Petra på Gyllintours


Are you going to Petra? We can try to get a good price on a taxi that we can share. We decided to visit one of the new seven wonders, Petra, with a young Swedish couple. In Jordan, it’s easy to connect with others who want to share a taxi to any attraction or activity. …