The reins was hanging on a hook in the ceiling. The driver jumped down and left us alone in the cart after the horse. He disappeared around the corner. What happened? What would we do if the horse set off at full gallop? We sat there surprised and looked at each other.

horse withoout a driver

We wanted to arrive at La Punta before the sunset . We had heard that you would have a drink, maybe dance and watch the sunset . So we went with horse and carriage. Apparently, they had rules for which streets the horses were allowed to go. Our driver had been stopped by the police and had a long discussion with the policeman. He was quite upset when he came back. We didn’t understand much, unfortunately. He took other paths and it went well.

Man in sunset
palmtree in sunset
palmtree and sunset

We walked past many grand houses on the way. Some of them had restaurants and bars. We visited some of them and finally we found the Sugar Baron’s house. The sun had gone down and the photographs didn’t show the house from the best side.

house in Cienfuegos
Lion statue
mosaic in the sugar barons house

Cienfuegos felt like a completely different type of city than the others. It was an old French colonial city. There are many nice houses around the Plaza Jose Marti. The city gives a clean and neat impression. Cienfuego’s historic center is on the World Heritage List.

Plaza Jose Marti
house at Plaza Jose Marti
house in Cienfuegos
house in Cienfuegos

Our accommodation in Cienfuegos

We stayed at a fantastic accommodation in Cienfuegos, BR & Hostal Sunrise. It was affordable and beautiful. The food we were served was very good. It was difficult to book a room because it was very popular. We booked the accommodation via and everything worked well.
stairs in the hostel
hostel in Cienfuegos

Botanical Garden

Outside Cienfuegos there is a botanical garden. We went there on the way to Trinidad. The parkarea is very large and we went through a small part of the park. There were many different kinds of plants and small hummingbirds flew in the park.

palmtree in park
pink flower
Trees in the park
pink flower in the park

Waterfall El NichoB

We visit the Waterfalls in El Nicho on the way to Trinidad. The taxi dropped us off at the park entrance. We walked slowly uphill on paths and stairs. We also had to cross some bridges. We walked a bit and after a while we arrived at a beautiful pond. You could swim in the clear water. We followed the path around the larger waterfall and looked at the nice view before we took a nice refreshing swim.

clear water
waterfall in Cienfuegos
swim in clear water


We went with Finnair from Copenhagen to Havana. We stayed 3 nights in Havana (Havana 1,Havana 2) 2 nights in Vinales (Vinales 1, Vinales 2), 1 night in Cienfuegos, 3 nights in Trinidad, 3 nights at Cayo Santa Maria and 2 nights in Varadero. When we were going from one accommodation to another we went by taxi colectivo. We booked the cars through our accommodations the day before we were going. If we were going on the trip today we would have stayed more nights in Vinales and skipped to go to Varadero.

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